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Storyfuse is an online collaborative storytelling webapp. Storyfuse inspires, challenges and helps people to create crowdsourced radio (or podcast) stories in new audio forms.
The project uses the phenomena of fractional storytelling, which evolved from social media usage and mixes it with technical possibilities that smartphone offers to listen and record audio.
The Storyfuse ecosystem will apply the principles of revision control used in software engineering for educational and learning purposes.

Storyfuse will produce audio stories and curate those submitted. The goal is to create a digital platform for audio storytelling, where people can share their creativity. Storylines can be curated and assembled to radio formats or podcasts.

About Andrius Lekavicius

Andrius Lekavicius is all-around media storyteller and one of the leading transmedia experts in Baltic states. He has built a profile of projects on various media platforms: from creating brand‘s image to VR experiences, from directing high-end commercials to his first feature documentary ‘Game of the Nation’. Now Andrius is a Creative Director at ‘Prime Field’ video production agency during working hours and a non-stop genius idea espresso machine 24/7.

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