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soundticker mixes your music playlist with personalized news. We give you the power to listen to news anytime and everywhere. Once the filter for your personal interests is set, they merge directly with your music stream, for example Spotify!
As radio producers of the old school, we believe that we can give radio a new flavour by assembling your personal news, while you are enjoying your music or even just relax. We call it the news juice. This way you will never again have to wait or be searching for the news, soundticker will push it straight into your ears.
As listener you have the possibility to tune and mix music and news perfectly for you. Radio stations have the opportunity to distribute their content in any stream, indifferent to the provider.

Your Music. Your News. Your personal mix. At all times in one app.
soundticker – listen only to what you want!

The team behind soundticker

Tom von der Isar (Product, Storytelling) is an experienced radio producer from munich. He presented at the MTV Europe Music Awards and directed the first weekly web TV-Series that was authorized by the The Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting (BLM).

Next to soundticker and his passion for the digital environment he regularly works in front of as well as behind the camera and is performing pioneer work in the german snapchat sphere.
He works together with Anna Hischfeld (Design, Finance), Armin Hirsch (New Business, PR) and Bernd Krax (Developing).

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