MIZ funded innovation project


Stories in and through movement. SCAPE is an audio application (app). It allows users to immerse themselves in virtual three-dimensional soundscapes (augmented audio) at site of physical locations. Sounds (information/narration) are assigned to absolute positions in a room and linked conceptually with visible reference points (architecture, signs, symbols, rooms, etc.). The user discovers them through his movement and perspective, lingers over them, disengages from his position and continues exploring the environment.

All this is made possible by acoustic real-time calculations. Sounds, language and atmospheres are generated according to the position and direction of view. This revives bygone soundscapes (sound history), in which actors can occur, speak and react (narration, gamification).

The generated SCAPES are open (open world) and provide an opportunity for interaction and genuine participation/immersion. SCAPE sees itself as an experimental progress, supported and accompanied by Creative Media (HTW Berlin) and Peter Roloff (maxim berlin).

The team behind SCAPE

Paul Hadwiger successfully completed his directing studies at the HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg and works as a director and camera operator for documentaries and image films. He also works as a research assistant for the HTW Berlin, which helps him expanding his project developments into the field of augmented audio and hypervideo.

Peter Roloff (maxim berlin)
Editorial director

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