Delphine Baudet

Sound Engineer | Radio France | NouvOson

About Delphine Baudet

Delphine Baudet is a sound engineer at Radio France. She works on recording and mixing live music, radio drama, discographic and audiovisual productions. She also works on specific projects for NouvOson, broadcast website in multichannel and 3D audio in link with the quality service and innovation of Radio France.

NouvOson, broadcast website developed by radio France. Two exemples of production: Trotting race at 360° & Sound walk with a smartphone.

Nouvoson is a broadcast website in multichannel and 3D audio which experiment technical solutions in the field of spatialized sound (ex: 5.1 to 8.0, binaural, WFS…).
Trotting race at 360° is a film about a trotting race at Vincennes. Shot as if we were in the skin of a driver, it creates a completely immersive movie.
Sound walk with a smartphone is a project specially design in binaural and operating with a principle of geolocation for a walker equipped with a smartphone. The subject is ” Paris and the Seine in the 18th and 19th century”.

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