Innovation Ignite Talks

Auditorium MIZ

During the Innovation Ignite Talks, hosted by Manuel Möglich, nine different teams will talk about their innovative projects short and crisp.
Catch a glimpse on their daily work and learn how they handle creative processes. In the end you will leave the Innovation Ignite Talk with lots of new impulses for your own work.

The Innovation Ignite Talks:

Miles Palmer | Does the listener Care!
From Microphone to speaker does the listener care how the signal gets to him?  Miles Palmer will explore some of the data and the many platforms that are available and the implications for the future of audio distribution.

Nick Piggott | Personalised Radio
How can radio survive against new ways of listening to audio and music? What strengths can we build on and what new content, technology and devices does radio need to consider in the future?

Laura Harrison & Rebecca Gregory-Clarke | Essential Classics Interactive: Radio-listening with options
The BBC has recently prototyped a classical music radio show which offers users the chance to optionally swap elements of the show in and out by pressing a ‘swap’ button. The idea is to offer people more choice and control over their listening experience, whilst keeping the classic linear broadcast at the heart of it. This talk will discuss why the BBC wanted to explore this level of extra interactivity for radio, and how Object-based Broadcasting could be used to do more of this in future.

Delphine BaudetNouvOson, broadcast website developed by radio France. Two exemples of production: Trotting race at 360° & Sound walk with a smartphone. 
Nouvoson is a broadcast website in multichannel and 3D audio which experiment technical solutions in the field of spatialized sound (ex: 5.1 to 8.0, binaural, WFS…).
Trotting race at 360° is a film about a trotting race at Vincennes. Shot as if we were in the skin of a driver, it creates a completely immersive movie.
Sound walk with a smartphone is a project specially design in binaural and operating with a principle of geolocation for a walker equipped with a smartphone. The subject is ” Paris and the Seine in the 18th and 19th century”.

Klick.Pop | MIZ funded innovation project
The project ‘Klick.Pop’ is a collaboration with the Germany-wide online radio station The project team, Isabelle Klein and Birte Kohring want to find out how new narrative forms can be integrated into the daily editorial work of radio stations.

CATCH! | MIZ funded innovation project
CATCH is a digital service that extends the linear radio experience interactively. Users can save information and further backgrounds about airing programs on demand. An app or wifi-button helps to set these “bookmarks”, which can be recalled and shared through the app later on.

Storyfuse | MIZ International Scholar
Storyfuse is an online collaborative storytelling webapp. Storyfuse inspires, challenges and helps people to create crowdsourced radio (or podcast) stories in new audio forms.The project uses the phenomena of fractional storytelling, which evolved from social media usage and mixes it with technical possibilities that smartphone offers to listen and record audio.

Scape | MIZ funded innovation project
SCAPE is an audio app that allows users to immerse themselves in virtual three-dimensional soundscapes at site of physical locations. Sounds are assigned to absolute positions in a room and linked conceptually with visible reference points. The user discovers them through his movement and perspective, lingers over them, disengages from his position and continues exploring the environment.

Soundticker | Media Lab Bavaria funded project
Soundticker mixes your music playlist with personalized news. It gives you the power to listen to news anytime and everywhere. Once the filter for your personal interests is set, they merge directly with your music stream, for example Spotify!

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