U.S. Podcaster Ben Brock Johnson will attend #RID16

He likes 80’s movies, swimming and has interviewed Jay-Z and Hillary Clinton. He worked in New London and New York and has been a presenter at Marketplace Tech since 2014.
We’re talking about Ben Brock Johnson. As a guest of the RadioeinsMedienmagazin live show at #RID16 he will be talking neither about celebrities or the Big Apple, but about his podcast Codebreaker, which won theĀ “Best Tech Podcast of 2016” at the Podcast Movement conference in Chicago this year.
What is it all about? Questions and answers, name and solution. The first season starts with a question “Is it bad?”; Ben addressed this to another everyday technology in each episode, such as e-mails or Internet porn.
And: The name says it all, if the listener finds the particular code sequence, he can enter it online and thus unlock the next episode. If not, he has to wait another week for it to be published.

We are looking forward to Ben!