All about personalized radio – Nick Piggott & CATCH

Every participant of the # RID16 should be aware that radio is neither antiquated nor dead. However it’s a fact that, today, radio is far more than an accessory medium in the car and radio stations must also be present on other channels. We’re not talking of apps through that listeners can report traffic jams, but of personalized radio – a radio completely to you liking.

Nick Piggott, project director of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, has also been working on creative ideas and innovations to enhance the value of radio for years. In his Innovation Ignite Talk he will outline current tools and broadcasting alternatives within the industry and where the journey might go.

Also the MIZ-Babelsberg is researching this area. The MIZ funded  team of CATCH, who present their idea during the Innovation Ignite Talks, wants to extend the personal radio experience with an app that can store additional information regarding the radio program people are currently listening to.

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